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Ever-Present Twin Lakes Apartment Playground

The excellent enclave design of Twin Lakes Apartments has created practically and virtually the ever-present Twin Lakes Apartment Playground.

There are 9 large apartment blocks inside the Twin Lakes Apartments enclave, starting from the Friars Gate and Woods Hollow to the Eastwood Drive block. Small parks and playgrounds are practically available in every large apartment block composed of a group of apartment rows.

The largest Twin Lakes Apartment Playground is found at the southside of the whole area, near the main gate of the enclave, an expansive ground of well-kept grass carpet adjacent to the second lake, along Lakeview Drive. The playground extends from east to west and northward towards the center of the lake. 

A small island also links the western and eastern side near Overlook Pass, which can also be considered as a fairly large playground or pet walk areas.

The Friars Gate apartment block has small parks where children can roam and play safely. Adjacent to this block towards the south is the Coachman Square block that is embedded with small parks and open spaces for playground or pet walk. East of the Coachman Square is the swimming pool.

North of the enclave at Woods Hollow are found small open spaces among the clustered rows of apartments, but a larger space playground can be found close to the shore of the first lake with a view of the pool on the other side. 

On the southwest side adjacent to Coachman Square is another apartment block, Twin Lakes Apartments with a large playground close to the second lake. At the opposite side of the lake are the east apartment blocks, namely: Woods Hollow (south), Hilltop Manor, Forest Grove, and Eastwood Drive, with relatively larger "small parks" and playgrounds. The rest of the open spaces are parking space for cars. 

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The ever-present Twin Lakes Apartment Playground is complemented by community amenities such as a breathtaking grand Lakeview, wireless internet that you can experience even by the poolside, an outdoor sport court, clubhouse, open and covered parking, a fitness center with weights and cardio equipment, a sundeck, and of course a wide and superbly designed swimming pool to relax yourself. You can visit site :

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